Causeway Bay has plenty of distinctive party-ready venues, from old warehouses to converted apartments and studio spaces. Expect exposed brick, chandeliers, and wood paneling.

Sing to your heart’s content with friends at Red MR, a popular place for private group singing sessions. Or try alternative table tennis at VR Arena, a one-of-a-kind virtual reality treadmill that challenges your reaction speed and lung capacity.

FOMO Cafe & Lounge

Situated in party room Causeway Bay, this top party room offers a wide range of games and facilities. Guests can sing their favourite songs at the karaoke system, play pool or darts, and even make rolled ice-cream! There is also a kitchen area with dinnerware, and guests can bring their own food.

If you’re looking for a fun place to host your next celebration, look no further than this unique Hong Kong-themed space. Its three cosy rooms are filled with all the essentials to keep you entertained for hours on end. Enjoy an automatic mahjong table, a pool table, Switch, and even a ping pong table!

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The Roomss

The Roomss is a party venue that only requires two people to enjoy the whole room. This is a great option for couples or small groups of friends. The venue is located in the heart of Hong Kong and offers four different themed rooms: the ’Causeway Bay’ room, the ’Camping’ room, the ’Movie Movie’ room, and the artistic ’Wooden’ room.

You can book rooms at the site or through the app, and you can choose your time slot and room type. If you’re interested in renting a space for more than one day, check the website for specific terms and conditions. Also, note that the staff at The Roomss will not refund you if you cancel your reservation at the last minute. This is due to the risk of causing damage to the property.

Store Party Room

Located on Lockhart Road behind SOGO, Store Party Room is the perfect place to party and chill. It has a retro feel to it with neon sign boards and posters of old Hong Kong streets on the walls. Its laid-back vibes and a terrace overlooking the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay make it an ideal spot to relax. It also offers a wide variety of entertaining facilities such as automatic mahjong, pool table, Switch, darts, and karaoke. The venue even has a projector for movie nights and kitchen facilities where guests can prepare their own meals.

Hygge Little Place combines Moroccan, Turkish, and Nordic style to create an aesthetically pleasing space where friends can unwind. Its patterned mats and fairy lights add a touch of whimsy to the cosy lounge. The space is a great place for a girl’s night out or birthday celebration.


If you’re looking for a party room that will provide you with lots of fun and games, then Blackroom is the place to go. The venue offers a range of activities, including beer pong and karaoke. It also has a wide variety of drinks and snacks.

The unique party spaces in the party room Causeway Bay district can be rented for a day, a few weeks or even months. They are located in old warehouses and apartments and offer a number of amenities. You can find them on Storefront.

The venue features automatic mahjong, pool table, PS4, darts and a huge selection of board games. It also has a large screen for watching football and a kitchen area where you can cook your own food. Its laid-back atmosphere is ideal for birthday parties, bridal showers and after-parties.

Victoria Park

During the Second World War, Victoria Park was used by the military and for air raid shelters. It has since hosted a range of events from Field Day to The Apple Cart, and even the infamous Lovebox Festival.

Today it is still a great place to enjoy the outdoors and stroll around. The Park is open from 7am and closes at dusk, 365 days a year. During the summer, over 500,000 daffodils and spectacular tulips decorate the Park, while carpet bedding displays and rock garden plants provide horticultural points of interest.

A variety of housing styles blend seamlessly into Victoria Park, creating a traditional neighborhood reminiscent of Thomasville’s downtown core. Residents have access to neighborhood conveniences including a coffee shop, Italian restaurant, offices, style salons and retail stores. Florida Hospital-DeLand is located nearby as well as a premier early learning academy.

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