Add a subtle accent to a nightstand or bring a modern edge to your home office with table lamp With a variety of styles and materials to choose from, these versatile lights can be both bold and subtle, creating dramatic ambiance in any room.

Lei and White both love Entler’s blobby cast-ceramic stoneware lamp, whose design strikes the ideal balance of form and function. Its sculptural shape and brass hardware make it both elegant and fun.


Light Up Your Decor

A well-placed table lamp can do more than just illuminate a space — it can also serve as an eye-catching home accent. From the classic to the contemporary, there are plenty of looks to choose from when shopping at west elm for new lamps. Brighten far corners, rejuvenate alcoves or make it easier to read a book in bed with these versatile options.

Whether you want to add a warm glow to a console in the entryway or give a cozy reading nook an extra glint, there’s a table lamp for every room. Opt for a sleek minimalist design for an urban living room or go with a more decorative option for a bohemian bedroom.

Entler’s blobby cast-ceramic stoneware lamp was recommended by Lei and production designer Anastasia White, who both love its sculptural form that grabs your attention. A rounded, wide base holds the weight of this fixture and plays nicely with other furniture pieces, including glass-and-wood tables.


A tall table lamp is a great reading light for bed or sofa. They shine downwards and are best positioned next to a seat as their longer shape shields your eyes from direct rays.

They’re also a stylish way to brighten far corners, rejuvenate alcoves or make task work easier in a home office. Look for models with an adjustable neck to suit your reading position, and those with a rotary socket switch that lets you change the brightness of your reading.

Choose a base material that blends with your existing decor, such as metal or wood. Then complete your table lamp with a shade that suits your space, such as a round or cylinder shape, an angular or smoothly curved profile or even one with a pop of color. You’ll also find styles with a USB port for charging your mobile devices. This handy feature makes these lamps even more practical for your everyday needs.


Table lamps are a great way to light your desk in your home office or next to your lounge chair in the living room. Often with a more industrial look, their design allows you to direct the light source where it’s needed. They can also be used as nightstand or bedside lights.

In these cases the bottom of the shade should be at eye level when you are sitting next to it. Alternatively, you can use them as a side table lamp on either side of your sofa in the living room.

With a range of styles, shapes and functions, a modern table lamp adds an elegant touch to any room of the house. Brighten far corners, rejuvenate alcoves or make your desk tasks easier with the help of a modern table lamp from west elm. It’s a stylish finishing touch to your space that lets visitors know you have great taste and style. For a truly unique look, you can even find lamps that come with a USB port for charging your electronics.


Brighten a far corner, rejuvenate an alcove or make a home office work space more productive with the outdoor light from a table lamp. Outdoor lamps are a stylish addition to a patio or deck and can be easily repositioned as the mood strikes.

When choosing a lamp for outdoors, look for a design that can withstand moisture. Some lamps come with a damp rating and can be used in a covered patio or porch area while others are designed to be weather-proof and can be placed on a balcony.

For example, Lei recommends a blobby cast-ceramic stoneware lamp from Entler that has brass hardware and accents and an organic shape she calls “modern, classic, and fun.” It’s perfect for a small corner or on a side table in a patio. It’s also battery-operated and portable so it can be moved to where you want to enjoy the light outside at a moment’s notice.

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