In addition to a business plan, developing efficient management systems will help your Party Room operate smoothly. These include user-friendly booking systems, ticketing and reservation platforms, and robust inventory tracking.

The room is popular for drop parties where players have a chance to receive one of four follower pets (balloon cat, balloon dog and balloon sheep) by popping the balloons. Players can also re-deposit items they received at the first party.


If you enjoy entertaining guests or hosting social gatherings, having a dedicated home party room can make all the difference. A party room can be added to an existing space in your home, or it can be built as part of a new home remodeling project. Either way, it should be large enough to accommodate your biggest parties but also feel comfortable when you’re only hosting a small group of people. Adding frameless glass doors to open the room onto a patio or deck is another great way to improve your home’s versatility and increase its entertainment potential.

The Party Room is a region accessed through the back passage of Lina Leskowitz’s Child Library room in Petscop 9. It opens with an outdoor pathway that leads to a central area adorned with a cake, two gift boxes, and a yellow pinwheel.


Whether you are designing your home party room as part of a remodeling project or converting existing space, the seating arrangements are vital to creating a comfortable ambiance. Make sure the space can seat your largest parties and still feel intimate for a smaller gathering. You also want to include space for guests to mingle before and after any seated activities. For instance, an ottoman topped with a solid tablecloth can be the perfect spot to serve cocktails or hors d’oeuvres. Adding frameless interior glass doors to your space can help accentuate the natural beauty of your backyard while opening up the room for entertaining.

When planning seating arrangements, use templates to keep track of where each guest will be seated. Mix up friend groups to encourage conversations, and be sure to keep people who do not get along separated. If possible, vary table sizes to create an attractive layout. Large tables that seat ten look more elegant than ones that only seat eight.


With so many other things to think about when planning a party, it’s easy to overlook the decorations. However, they can help focus and heighten energy throughout the room for an unforgettable event. Depending on the theme, decorations can be simple or elaborate.

Using natural elements can provide a stylish touch to any room’s decor. Try showcasing flowers or greenery in decorative containers for an organic look, or use a fountain to bring a sense of freshness to the space. Adding frameless interior doors to your home can help exemplify the beauty of nature and create a spacious ambiance for guests.

Hanging decorations on the walls is another low-cost way to decorate a party space. You can find a variety of options at your local party supply store, including lighted balloons and streamers in fun shapes that fit any theme. Crepe paper also works well as a cheap, versatile decoration material that’s easy to use and comes in a wide range of colors.


The lighting arrangements you use for your Party Room can have a significant effect on the overall mood of guests. The right lights will set the right tone for your event, whether it’s a raucous dance party or a low-stakes catch-up with friends.

One good way to add party lights is with LED strips that come in a variety of colors. These can be placed on door frames and windows to draw attention towards the party entrance, or can be used to highlight objects like flowers, buffet displays, and photos. You can also use light-diffracting objects, such as chandeliers and vases, to achieve the same effect.

Another way to add party lighting is by using dimmer switches. These can be installed on your existing light switches, and can change your home’s lighting to a party-appropriate level. This can make a great addition to your kitchen or other areas of the house where you entertain friends and family.

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