Depending on the theme of your party, you can decorate the room with whatever you like. If you’re going for an energetic dance environment, strobe lights and lasers are good choices.

It’s important to RSVP if you’re attending the Party Room the host knows how many people to expect. It also helps if you arrive on time.

Decorate the Walls

If you want to make the most of your party room’s decor, focus on the central area where the action will take place. It’s easy to impress your guests in the entryway with a simple welcome sign and a birthday balloon bouquet, but you’ll really wow them when they get to the party space itself.

If your Party Room is also a dining room, gathering room or recreation area, you’ll need to consider windows and environmental control. Choose a room that’s well-lit and has good air circulation, but not one with standard ceiling height or it may feel cramped.

Hanging decorations without damaging your walls is another issue you’ll need to address. Searching the Internet for “how to hang party decorations” will yield a wealth of ideas, from double-sided tape to command hooks. The best method depends on the size and weight of the decorations you’re hanging. For example, you might be able to use ribbon for small scraps, but it may be better to use string to hang photos or other artwork.

Lay Out Tablecloths

Table linens set the tone for a party, whether casual and festive or elegant and romantic. Cloth linens are best for upscale settings, while disposable covers are better for on-the-go service or casual events.

To determine the size of tablecloth you need, measure your table length and width, then add twice your desired drop to each dimension. This gives you the total tablecloth size.

This bright white tablecloth from Williams Sonoma features holly berries and pine boughs, without going overboard with Christmas kitsch. It also coordinates well with coordinating napkins, napkin rings and centerpiece decorations.

Another fun alternative to a tablecloth is a roll of craft or chalkboard paper. Line your tables with it and give guests pens, crayons or chalk to write messages, draw pictures and play games.

Store linens in a clean and organized manner between uses. A pantry that’s designated for these items makes a good choice. Keep linens wrinkle-free by laying them out, spritzing with water and smoothing them out with your hands before rolling them up in bundles.

Hang Photos

Hang a photo collage to make a statement on any wall. This is an impressive display and is especially great for parties honoring a certain person or event, such as a wedding anniversary or a child’s birthday party. Designate a number to each group of photos to create an even more eye-catching arrangement. Another creative idea is a colorful photo balloon bouquet that adds decoration to the room and also gives guests a fun way to admire and take home memories from the party.

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