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It’s hard to put a finger on the macro social, political and economic forces driving the concerning rise in civilian interest in self-defense and combat adjacent equipment that was once exclusively for military or law enforcement use.

Pen Pockets

Pen pockets are a handy way to carry a writing utensil without having to put it into your jacket or pants pocket. This allows you to access your pen quickly, especially if you are in an uncomfortable position or in danger.

To be a good pocket pen, it has to fit comfortably in your pants without poking you or breaking. It should be made from a sturdy material and have smooth, rounded edges on both ends when capped. It should also have a clip that won’t break when it bends down. A black Kaweco AL Sport or a Liliput are examples of pocket pens that meet these requirements.

Some people use pocket pens as self-defense and escape weapons, particularly in non-permissive environments where they can’t legally carry a weapon. By stabbing an attacker in a sensitive or tender area, a tactical pen can buy you time to get away or draw your concealed pistol and stop the attack in its tracks.

Shoulder Pockets

When it comes to combat gear, there aren’t many more utilitarian-looking than shoulder pockets. They’re found on every army combat uniform and have been in use for years. These long pouches hang from the front of a soldier’s jacket and hold ammunition, which is a good idea because they keep a service member’s weapon as close as possible.

They’re also handy for holding a smartphone and point-and-shoot camera. They’re designed to mate with the horizontal velcro straps that hang from shoulder straps. These straps are usually wrapped tightly around the vertical velcro pocket to prevent it from sliding down too far.

When not in training, company-level commanders may authorize soldiers to roll up the sleeves of their ACU coats. They aren’t allowed to roll them up more than 3 inches above the elbow, though, to protect their camouflage pattern. In addition, the sleeves can be cuffed inside the coat one or two times to preserve warmth and make them easier to maneuver.

Reinforced Elbows

Elbow pads are a vital piece of Combat Gear for those that fight. They protect your elbows so that you can throw elbow strikes at full speed and power without worrying about them getting injured or hurting your opponent.

When an attacker or opponent comes up to the defender from the side they can be in a very awkward position to deal with. The defender can use an elbow strike to the side of their head and neck to both make damage to them as well as create space to transition to turn them in.

Elbow #1 is a simple elbow strike that’s made from the standing defender. It’s thrown by level-changing the legs to drop their weight and then rotating the hips and shoulders to basically slam the point of their elbow and the elbow and triceps below it straight down onto their opponent or attacker. This is a very situational strike and it should only be used when it’s obvious that the defender needs to drop their opponent or attacker down to their level.

Tactical Shirts

The popularity of tactical gear has taken off. Some observers believe the trend has been fuelled by a desire to idolize Special Operations soldiers, as seen on movies and TV shows. Others point to technological advances that have made the clothing more comfortable and durable.

The 5.11 Tactical Shirt is an example of a military-inspired long-sleeve tactical shirt. Its torso uses two highly breathable flame-resistant fabrics with advanced moisture management capabilities. It also features no-seam shoulders to prevent chafing or rubbing under body armor.

Other significant features of a tactical shirt include bartacking along seams and stress points for added durability, hidden document pockets with quick access and Velcro closures. Special plackets provide easy attachment of UF PRO elbow pads for reliable protection of the wearer’s joints. Pen pockets are located in convenient locations on the left sleeve and front of the shirt. Other notable features are a hem that can be rolled up for a comfortable fit, and button cuffs with roll-up loops.

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